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Differencen between paper material made in China and made in foreign countries.

- Jan 21, 2018 -

Every enterprise start his own bussiness with long-term deal instead of one-time deal. So if there are so many feedbacks from clients that the paper material is jerry, then enteprises won't be so stupid to do that. But what's the problem?

I have to say that paper material we use for paper bags from foreign countries is thicker than chinese. I don't know why. Because i am not paper manufacture. We, packaging manufacture just buy paper from those chinese paper factories. And the whole market in China is the same. paper bags factory use the same grams paper as raw material. It is not because we wanna cut down the cost.

Well, here are the grams of different kind of paper as following;

Ivory(white) paper: 190g / 210g / 250g / 300g

Coated(art)paper:   128g / 140g / 157g / 170g / 200g / 250g.

Kraft paper:        120g / 140g / 150g / 180g / 200g / 250g

Those grams above all are what we can buy from chinese paper market.

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